born May 2008. 15 hd/1200lbs 
Leo's Bar Yazhi, is better known as, Navajo is a Bay Tobiano homozygous for the tobiano gene(meaning he will have colored foals regardless of the mare). He is  HYPP n/n and LWO n/n,. He has a great disposition, very calm, willing and likes to learn new things. He is broke to ride, drive and pack. He has good bone, is a nice mover, easy to handle, and has a love for people. He usually passes this in to his offspring along with color!  

Sire : Leo's Peppy Kulas
Dam: R Bandits May Bar's video
 Reg' APHA  "Leo's Bar Yazhi"  (Navajo)
Breeding to Navajo 
Navajo is a proven stud, I rarely have to re-breed any of the mares, he is kind and easy going.

-$500.00 stud fee for Registered QH, Paints, and Thoroughbreds, LFG, non-refundable, free re-breed.

-$600.00 for grade mares, LFG, non-refundable, free 

-$10.00 a day for mare care if we supply the feed..
-$ 5.00 a day if you bring your own feed. 
If a mare needs to be re-bred there is mare care.

Shady Bar Cowboy colt out of Calico san Clusters- Belle
Renegade, Palomino colt out of Angel
Steel, Sorrel colt out of Angel
Pretty Blue Pearl, filly out of Pretty Blue Banditto- Galaxy
Wildirish Sinbad YT colt, out of Calico san Clusters- Belle
Daisy, buckskin grulla filly out of Sunny.
Buckskin filly from an out side mare. Docs Porcelain Page ( Palomino QH)
Leos Evening Shadow- colt out of Calico San Clusters-Belle
Patches -filly out of Pretty Blue Banditto- Galaxy
Leos Apache Rose Aria- filly out of Calico San Clusters- Belle
Filly born to a outside Morgan mare.
Ayden is a nice colt with good bone, and good strait legs, he is very well coordinated, powerful  stops and turns on those hind quarters
Buckskin filly out of -Sunny
colt out of 'A Perfect Jewel'
Buckskin filly out of -Sunny
Navajo's offspring