Helpful Tips

Who wants to spend hundreds of dollars on horse wipe that probably isn't very good for your horse and doesn't always work well, its like throwing money out the window. Here is great solution that I learned from a friend. 1 part Dettol and 8 parts oil and you got some great horse wipe. Shake well before every use should turn white in color. You can find both these items at WaI-Mart for about $15.00 for both. I find that it really helps the horses swelling from bug bites go down, and the oil helps it stay on the horse longer, while giving them a shiny coat as well.( you can use water instead of oil, but doesn't last as long)
Poor man's feeder
You will need five palates and one 1000lb bale of hay. Put the hay in desired placing in horse pen with the flat spot down to the ground. Take palates and place around the bale of hay until all hay is covered on the sides.Tie palates in place with string or hay wire. Try to place all the palates on there sides with the slats running vertical to the ground. Then let them have at it!! 

 Make your own horse wipe!
What amazing animals they are. Believe it or not they were wild at one point in time. I am writing this paragraph on what I have experienced over the last 20 years. When I have trouble with a horse I always try to think about the way they used to live in the wild, the way the good Lord made them, and I usually find the answer I am looking for..Horses need four basic needs to have a good life.

1- 80% of a horse's diet needs to be fiber or ruffage in order for their stomach to work properly, it also helps young horses teethe properly. In the wild they have long  stemmed grass and other plants to eat, all kinds of weeds, and other plant life. Horses are also more content with high ruffage hay,  (like free range grasses or straw).In the winter months, it also helps keep them warm, cause the constant digesting of ruffage, creates heat in the body.   kinda like how a compost pile works. 
2-Access to fresh water.
3-Free choice to minerals and salt, at all times. ( here in the Yukon we don't have a lot of Selenium in the soil so there for it won't be in any hay that you buy here, so it needs to be supplemented!
4-lots of exorcize or in a place where they can get it.. (a horse in the wild would move on average 25 miles a day, a good thing to keep in mind.)
  • Wild horses of Nevada