Chesapeake Bay Retriever

 Grace is a purebred  Chesapeake, she is what they call the "dark bay" .We got Grace as a puppy in Nov 2009 from Alberta and she has been one of the best and smartest dogs I have ever known. She is very loyal and all around loving friend. In fall 2010 after several friends and family saying that we will need to borrow another dog to teach Grace how to retrieve.On our first hunting trip out she retrieved five ducks like a pro with no damage to the birds what so ever. We are so happy with her. Grace goes with us trapping, fishing, moose guiding, horse back trips,and of course duck hunting. She also is a great dog to have out in the bush as, she has tree' d two black bears and ran a grizzly bear off.
Chesapeake Bay Retriever
HSG Ranger Reg.# AQ528721

 Duke, is what they call a light brown color, he is registered. HSG Ranger # AQ528721 born Oct 8/13..
Duke is a very sweet boy, very smart, doing well on birds, and great around the farm for keeping our livestock safe. Loves to be out hunting and fishing in the boat.
hes a big boy right around 100lbs        
-July/2015 Litter
A Big Thank you to Everyone Who Bought Puppies From Us !
-Feb/2016 Litter
-Sept.11/2016 Litter
Grace & Duke's puppies!